Big Business Branding at Small Business Pricing.

“Strong brands are capable of weaving all aspects into an effective whole in order to create a concise, clear and appealing brand identity.”
~Jean-Noël Kapferer


Graphic & Web Design


Motion Graphics




Digital Marketing

I am BizBrand. My name is Art Szabo.

I specialize in many areas and luckily those are the areas you need to get your Small Business, Organization or Idea off the ground. Now lets start the journey of Rebranding or Branding you…

I am a multi-media designer and developer which means I specialize in the three main areas of design: Graphic, Motion and Web. I am also an app and tech junkie so I am up to date on the latest techniques for the cloud be it Productivity, Storage, Optimization or Ease of Use and Communication.

Branding process, In a nut Shell:

1. First we tackle the crucially important task of designing a professional logo in various formats (Vector and Raster all in High Resolution and yes, you keep the files).

2. Then we set a style sheet and wireframe for your home site and go over piece by piece what needs to be done and how the end result will look.

3. Then comes the Stationary with Business Cards, Letterhead, envelopes etc. this is an often overlooked but integral part of your business branding, you want that logo stuck and burned into their head.

4. Then comes the cool part you get to sit back and watch your home page come to life! All the sites I build are 100% modern standards with responsive design, CMS backend management system (Usually WordPress but im open to other options as well and there are a ton of them out there) and 100% professional Graphic Design (no blurry, low resolution design or clip art).

5. Then we go over SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Key words, Google Adwords, Facebook ads, PPC, The Importance of blogging etc.

6. The final step is Social Media integration. I’ll design covers and Timelines/Backgrounds and Avatars for all Social Media accounts matching the branding of your company, Organization or Product. to find out how savvy you are with Social Media and don’t worry I specialize in consulting social media to rock bands and artists around the country. You’ll do fine.

7. This is over simplified of course and will make more sense as we go through it. The big difference with BizBrand is we never ever leave you confused or alone. By the end you will know how to update everything. You will be left with High Resolution designs and Style Sheets.  As well as the comfort knowing and having a direction for your business to thrive on.